Sherwin Williams’ current application, ColorSnap Visualizer, acts as a bridge between Sherwin Williams and their customers. The applications allows users to explore their colors and color match new or existing photos to hues that Sherwin Williams has to offer.

The existing application is a great tool for painters of any skill level. Whenever the user finds an appealing color, the ColorSnap application can match the color with just a picture. The application also allows users to browse the various colors Sherwin-Williams offers in their stores.

While the functions of the application work well, there is an opportunity for improvemnt in a number of areas. The application lacks an app-wide navigation menu, the color selection process requires up to 4 clicks to see details, and ColorSnap’s competitors have features that could be beneficial for users.

This provides an great opportunity for ColorSnap to be more competitive against competition, while also promoting myS-W, Sherwin-Williams' online account service.


The new application used the material design aesthetic. The reason being, in 2016, Android had 52.8% of the market share for smartphone devices. These Android users downloaded nearly double the amount of applications than iOS users.

The importance to design the application with UI and UX affordances that appeals to the largest market drove the decision for material design, and provided a consistent navigation, layout, and interactivity to follow.

After looking at what ColorSnap's competitors offered, it was important to provide new features. One of these features is the Paint Calculator. By providing users the option of inputting their room size, they can calculate how much paint to purchase.