Cray, Inc.


Cray, Inc. is a supercomputer solutions manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. Currently it is the second largest worldwide supercomputer vendor. The current logo for Cray, Inc. is the same it’s been since it’s conception in 1972, and now doesn’t reflect the cutting edge technology the company produces.

Since 1972, there have been many changes in logo design, especially with the rise in digital media such as the Internet. With an updated logo and identity system, Cray, Inc. can unify it’s brand with their drive to be the front runner of new technologies.


The tone of the new logo must convey Cray, Inc.’s commitment to science and technology, driving both into a new era of computing power. In addition to this, the new logo must also convey the, “simple elegance,” that Cray, Inc. provides clients.

The result is a logo that calls back to Cray's beginnings. The double helix represents Cray's supercomputers helping crack the human genome, as well as Cray following the trend of technology.