Blizzard Entertainment has been creating industry leading video games since 1991. In 2016, they released their first IP with brand new characters in many years, Overwatch. While the sales numbers are still coming in, initial results are far beyond what Blizzard Entertainment has expected. The beta test alone wielded 10 million players.

Because of the wide success of the game, it’s important for Blizzard to continue to showcase in the coming months during conventions. These range from E3 in June to Blizzard’s own Bilzzcon in November. These conventions provide an opportunity to highlight the success of Overwatch while enticing new gamers to join in.


The solution is to design a booth that immerses fans and interested gamers in Overwatch, through environmental design, opportunities to try the game, and collateral that players can take with them. This presence will grow the community of Overwatch players, and continue the stellar success of Blizzard Entertainment’s new hit.

Using a setting from the game's lore, fans will jump at the opportunity to step into the Overwatch universe. To further push immersion, professional cosplayers will walk the booth, providing photo opportunities for people interested.

Whether they are a seasoned gamer or a first timer, convention goers have the chance to play the game in a live competitive setting. This game will be broadcasted on the large monitors above the merchandise booth, allowing passers by to watch live gameplay of Overwatch.