In 2013, there were 13.7 million single parents living in the United States. While many single parents find success, there are still many challenges they have to face without assistance from another partner. Family can be a support network, but time and distance limits the help they can provide.

Pew Research Center found that 83% of mothers and 74% of fathers got useful information from social media. This shows that parents turn to social media for advice. A new social media platform focused on single parents can help these parents help each other for advice ranging from child development to suggested products.


The objective of this social media platform is to be a resource for single parents to find advice and information to help them raise their child. The platform will allow user generated and outsourced information to be shared for anyone to see. The platform will also allow for image, animated image, and video content to be linked. It is through the community where the content will grow.

The key benefit for having a dedicated single parent social media platform is that there isn’t many platforms that focus on this target audience. In addition to the limited options, there isn’t one that has the aesthetic and functionality of today’s social media conventions. By providing this platform, single parents will be able to find information and advice in a community catered to their demographic.