Subaru, the automotive branch of the larger company, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., is the twenty-second largest automotive manufacturer in the world. Known for it’s safe, reliable all-wheel drive vehicles, Subaru has seen a huge increase in revenue in the past couple of years. This is an opportunity to showcase this success in Subaru’s annual report.

This latest 2015 annual report can illustrate to shareholder’s Subaru’s mantra, “Confidence in Motion”. It’s also an opportunity to use Subaru’s new automotive color, Hyper Blue.

The annual report required the letter from the CEO, a financial summary of the year, information for stockholders, and a financial details.


To capture the idea of “Confidence in Motion”, using triangular shapes and angles. The new Hyper Blue is the primary color for graphics and other elements in the layout. Lastly, the frosted triangle shapes are to suggest the blur of speed without using conventional motion blur effect.

The method of image selection was to not only showcase Subaru's vehicles, but to also show lifestyle and behind-the-scenes. This was important because Subaru means more than just car manufacturing. Like their commercials highlight, Subaru drivers are devoted to the safety, performance, and freedom Subaru cars provide. The annual report should reflect this.